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  • Meridian (Formerly Friesen)

  • Vittetoe - Model 110  - Bulk Seed Tender

    Vittetoe - Model 110 - Bulk Seed Tender

    The 110 BST is built for the farmer who farms up to 500 acres and for retailer rental use. The 110 BST has a compact design and can easily be loaded into a truck box if you choose not to purchase the T6000ST trailer. This unit works best when handling commodities like corn, beans, wheat and oats.

  • Livestock & Farm Supplies and Products

  • Vittetoe - Dead Hog Cart Mover

    Vittetoe - Dead Hog Cart Mover

    Foam filled tires (flat free). Offset axle allows for more clearance and better balance. Floating pull linkage gives operator more leverage. Scoop-like design for easy on and easy off . Specifications: capacity: 500 lbs 18' w x 48' h. Weighs 66 lbs. Available with optional 3rd wheel.

  • Scales & Weighing Systems

  • WayPig - Model 300 lb. - Hog Scale

    WayPig - Model 300 lb. - Hog Scale

    The 300 lb. capacity WayPig Market Hog Scale reads in 1 lb. increments on a large, easy to read dial. Stainless Steel dial scale head. Scale is only 21' wide. Must keep animals away from front & back gates for accurate weighing. Optional wheels available. Scale Dimensions: Inside: 31' H x 49' L x 15' W. Outside Dimensions: 55' H x 56' L x 18' W. Weight: 240 lbs.

  • Ventilation

  • Vosterman - Model 4 - Multifan System

    Vosterman - Model 4 - Multifan System

    The System 4 is an economical fan package, including fan, housing, wireguard and shutter. The System-4 is CSA approved, with a TEAO, washdown capable motor. Inside mounting is flush, eliminating obstructions along walkways. Condensation flows down and away from the barn, keeping walls clean and dry.

  • Feeders

  • Kane - Snap Creep Feeders

    Kane - Snap Creep Feeders

    Kane Snap Feeders are designed for supplemental feeding in the farrowing crate area and come in a 4' and 2 3/4' Low Profile model. The Positive J-Hook locking device allows for quick and easy installation to all types of flooring while the economical feed-saver lip and grill significantly reduces feed waste. The 2 ¾' Low Profile feeder is perfect for early weaning.  It's low profile and water tight trough provides easy access for younger...

  • Wean-To-Finish Wet / Dry Tube Feeder

    Wean-To-Finish Wet / Dry Tube Feeder

    New adjustment mechanism makes adjustments quick & easy. 30 possible feeder settings. Both sides adjust at the same time. 50 inch feeder handles 30-40 pigs per side. Holds 2 water nipples on each side of 2 dry shelves with 60 inch long stainless steel pipe. Feeder, trough and dividers are constructed of 18-gauge 304 stainless steel for maximum durability. Fresh feed available at all times increases pigs desire for feed and improves rate of gain...