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  • Meridian (Formerly Friesen)

  • Vittetoe - Model 110  - Bulk Seed Tender

    Vittetoe - Model 110 - Bulk Seed Tender

    The 110 BST is built for the farmer who farms up to 500 acres and for retailer rental use. The 110 BST has a compact design and can easily be loaded into a truck box if you choose not to purchase the T6000ST trailer. This unit works best when handling commodities like corn, beans, wheat and oats.

  • Chaff Spreaders

  • Vittetoe - Chaff Spreader

    Vittetoe - Chaff Spreader

    The Vittetoe Chaff Spreader is an important tool in no till, ridge till and minimum till farming, it promotes even temperature and moisture in the ground. In today's world farmers need every advantage they can get, a farmer cannot risk ruining seed germination and weed control performance on something as simple as chaff distribution. The Vittetoe Chaff Spreader features solid metal discs, blades and shields that can withstand the roughest field...

  • Livestock & Farm Supplies and Products

  • Vittetoe - Dead Hog Cart Mover

    Vittetoe - Dead Hog Cart Mover

    Foam filled tires (flat free). Offset axle allows for more clearance and better balance. Floating pull linkage gives operator more leverage. Scoop-like design for easy on and easy off . Specifications: capacity: 500 lbs 18' w x 48' h. Weighs 66 lbs. Available with optional 3rd wheel.

  • Scales & Weighing Systems

  • WayPig - Model 300 lb. - Hog Scale

    WayPig - Model 300 lb. - Hog Scale

    The 300 lb. capacity WayPig Market Hog Scale reads in 1 lb. increments on a large, easy to read dial. Stainless Steel dial scale head. Scale is only 21' wide. Must keep animals away from front & back gates for accurate weighing. Optional wheels available. Scale Dimensions: Inside: 31' H x 49' L x 15' W. Outside Dimensions: 55' H x 56' L x 18' W. Weight: 240 lbs.

  • Ventilation

  • Vosterman - Model 4 - Multifan System

    Vosterman - Model 4 - Multifan System

    The System 4 is an economical fan package, including fan, housing, wireguard and shutter. The System-4 is CSA approved, with a TEAO, washdown capable motor. Inside mounting is flush, eliminating obstructions along walkways. Condensation flows down and away from the barn, keeping walls clean and dry.

  • Feeders

  • Kane - Snap Creep Feeders

    Kane - Snap Creep Feeders

    Kane Snap Feeders are designed for supplemental feeding in the farrowing crate area and come in a 4' and 2 3/4' Low Profile model. The Positive J-Hook locking device allows for quick and easy installation to all types of flooring while the economical feed-saver lip and grill significantly reduces feed waste. The 2 ¾' Low Profile feeder is perfect for early weaning.  It's low profile and water tight trough provides easy access for younger...

  • Wean-To-Finish Wet / Dry Tube Feeder

    Wean-To-Finish Wet / Dry Tube Feeder

    New adjustment mechanism makes adjustments quick & easy. 30 possible feeder settings. Both sides adjust at the same time. 50 inch feeder handles 30-40 pigs per side. Holds 2 water nipples on each side of 2 dry shelves with 60 inch long stainless steel pipe. Feeder, trough and dividers are constructed of 18-gauge 304 stainless steel for maximum durability. Fresh feed available at all times increases pigs desire for feed and improves rate of gain...