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  • Levee Plows & Rice Equipment

  • W&A - 8 Blade Standard Levee Plow

    W&A - 8 Blade Standard Levee Plow

    This Levee Plow has more rice farming features than any other machine. Designed for building levees in rice and for flood irrigation of soybeans.

  • W&A - 16 Blade Double Levee Plow

    W&A - 16 Blade Double Levee Plow

    W&A's Double Gang Levee Plow features heavy duty time proven gang assemblies along with Steerable Linkage that prevents levee damage during the building operation. No. 848 -- STEERABLE 16 BLADE STANDARD DOUBLE GANG LEVEE PLOW with Extra Heavy 1/2' Wall 4' x 7' Main Frames for Cat. III Quick Hitch. Easy adjustable turnbuckle gang tilt. Sixteen 5/16' thick x 24' diameter Flat Center Blades on 9' Spacing. 1-1/2' Square High Tensile...

  • Disk Bedders

  • W&A - 8 Row Folding Disk Bedder Assembly

    W&A - 8 Row Folding Disk Bedder Assembly

    Reinforced Gang Construction. Accommodates up to 24' Dia. Blades. Wide Heavy Duty Clamp Assembly.  Superior Trash Clearance. 9-1/2' Wide Blade Spacing.  Optional Scrapers. Adjustable Gang Angle .

  • Rolling Bed Maker

  • W&A - Folding Bed Maker

    W&A - Folding Bed Maker

    The Bed Maker saves moisture at planting time by providing a rolled, packed and sealed seedbed. It also provides furrows to allow water to flow evenly down the rows when you irrigate. Designed for long life, the Eight Row @ 38' Folding Bed Maker is based on proven W&A folding implement design. The welded structural steel tubing framed unit is 7,500 pounds. The rollers are reinforced with four 3/8' steel plates welded inside the drum and to the...

  • Seed Bed Conditioners

  • W&A - Stacker Level Bander

    W&A - Stacker Level Bander

    The W&A Level Bander allows you to eliminate half your present preplant herbicide costs by accurately spraying chemicals only in the drill area. At the same time, the Level Bander does an excellent job of leveling rows as it cuts to find warmth and moisture. You can cover those acres quickly when you are working twelve 38' rows at a time, and when it is time to move, the Stacker Level Bander is designed for compact transporting. The unit features...

  • PTO Ditcher

  • W&A - Model PTO - Ditcher

    W&A - Model PTO - Ditcher

    The W&A PTO Ditcher, formerly manufactured by UFT, is a proven performer built tough for long life. It features a large 17' diameter cutting drum with adjustable cutting blades. The crank adjustable skid shoe keeps you from digging too deep in sandy conditions and lets you quickly adjust the cutting depth.