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  • Model AR9000 Loader - Wheel-Mounted Loaders for Snow Removal

    Model AR9000 Loader - Wheel-Mounted Loaders for Snow Removal

    Owing to our great success with the AR9000 on trucks and to the growing adoption of wheel-mounted loaders for snow removal, CÔTÉ has, in recent years, adapted its famous harness to most available loader models. This means that you can now make your loader even more profitable. The AR9000 is simple to use and very versatile. Snow removal contracts are getting more and more diversified, and that is why leasing rolling equipment is getting...

  • Model H700 Grader - Quick-Coupling Harness

    Model H700 Grader - Quick-Coupling Harness

    The H700 serial is a quick coupling harness for side wing, completely installed at the back of the loader. It can then remove more snow and go in places where it would be narrow for a truck such as dead end, crescents, etc... This equipment is adaptable to all trademarks of loaders and graders.

  • Model HM450 - Lightweight and Extra Heavy-Duty Harness

    Model HM450 - Lightweight and Extra Heavy-Duty Harness

    In order to offer a lightweight and extra heavy-duty harness, the HM450 is made of a single plate of molded steel. This harness series was designed to clear the front of the hood, thus facilitating access for maintenance purposes. Equipped with a manual quick coupling on the side wing of stan- dard equipment, the HM450 is the preferred harness for medium trucks. Several configuration options are available for your HM450.

  • Model HM7000 - Harness

    Model HM7000 - Harness

    As an option, the HM7000 is the only harness that can be converted into a manual quick-connect without any modification to your existing equipment. This makes it the best choice when comes the time to change your rolling stock. Made from a single piece of molded metal, the HM7000 has an extremely rigid structure, making it the sturdiest and the lightest of its category. This type of harness has been designed to free the front of the hood, facilitating...

  • Model HR300 - Harness

    Model HR300 - Harness

    The HR300 allows for the rapid coupling of the front snowplow from the inside of the cabin. allowing the operator to start working in seconds. (Please note that certain mechanical configurations will require external maneuvers.) The rear column with fast manual coupling can be removed in only minutes. You only need to remove the two pins which keep it in place and then uncouple the push-arms. (This maneuver may require the use of a hoist or similar...