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  • Brush Shredders

    Brush Shredders

    We have a full parts department and service/repair facilities. If you want a shredder that cuts clean and pulls easy, get a Heinrichs. W. J. Heinrichs, Inc. manufactures Brush Shredders for vineyards, tree fruit, citrus, bio-mass, and huller debris. Heinrichs Brush Shredders use less horsepower and have a higher resale value. Heinrichs Brush Shredders are used in the continental US, Hawaii, Mexico, and South America. 

  • Cemetery Equipment

    Cemetery Equipment

    W. J. Heinrichs, Inc. builds cemetery dump trucks, trailer and vault lowering devices. The dump trucks are built to the customer's specifications whether it be a mechanical or hydrostatic drive with the choice of engines, gas or diesel, in a range of horsepower with standard or 4 wheel drive. All trucks are built with roll over protection (ROPs).