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  • Livestock Equipments

  • Model EZ DUZ IT 300 - Corral Gates and Panels

    Model EZ DUZ IT 300 - Corral Gates and Panels

    Start with a basic 310 (10 ft. wide) or 312 (12 ft. wide) E-Z-Duz-It System and customize your system by adding gates and panels to meet your sorting, holding and pen size requirements. All Corral Gates and Panels in the E-Z-Duz-It livestock handling system are constructed from 2' x 14 gauge high tensile steel tubing with 50,000 P.S.I. yield strength. All gates mount on gate frames with 2' standard pipe hinges. All gates feature spring-loaded plunger...

  • Model 210 - Sweep System

    Model 210 - Sweep System

    The New generation 210 Sweep System has a 120 degree sweep tub and has the features stockman prefer. Available open, half sheet, full sheet or with the all new tough and lightweight Bull Sheet. With many options available, this system can be designed to fit your needs. Panels easily and quickly pin together which means no swinging or noisy chains to distract livestock and the flexibility to move or add on to. Featuring a spring-loaded latch to allow...

  • Express Portable Corral

    Express Portable Corral

    Feature after feature you'll find no better portable system on the market today. Designed and built with quality WW features and benefits that will serve your operation for generations to come. 6' tall panels fabricated from 2' 14 ga. high tensile steel tubing. All gates are spring-loaded or come equipped with spring-loaded plungers and strike plates. High speed highway hubs. Heavy-duty selector valve and sealed switch. Each unit is equipped with a...

  • Chutes

  • WW - Calf Table

    WW - Calf Table

    WW Calf Table is designed to work calves up to 600 pounds, Table features a headcatch and side squeeze bar for positive holding of animal. The Table is designed with exceptional balance, resulting in easy tilting. A ratchet-driven dally rope on the rear gate draws the animal's legs back for easy access, resulting in time-saving, efficient working of any calves.

  • WW - Longhorn Chute

    WW - Longhorn Chute

    The WW Longhorn Chute is 10’ long and can be easily set up and dismantled. Scissor headgate opens to 29” x 66”. Headgate features sheet metal covering to limit animal’s vision. Features six exit options. Multiple width adjustments controlled by spring loaded plunger latches.