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  • Microdripper & Microspray

    Microdripper & Microspray

    Dripper systems minimise loss by evaporation and limit water to the root zone of the plant by applying water at very low flow rates. Pressure Compensating drippers give controlled watering, compensating for uneven terrain, so if you've planted on a slope, you can apply the same amount of water, at the same rate to each plant, rather than under-watering at top and over-watering at the bottom. The flow rate can be pre set so that the amount of water...

  • Pop Ups Use in Irrigation Spray

    Pop Ups Use in Irrigation Spray

    Pop ups are irrigation sprays that are hidden at ground level when not in use and 'pop up' at pre-programmed times to spray either in one place or in a rotary pattern. They are ideal for large lawns and gardens with deep flower beds. Working best at pressures between 30 - 50psi, there is sometimes a requirement for an inline pressure regulator.