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  • M&W - Model 2600, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 - Dyna-Drive

    M&W - Model 2600, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 - Dyna-Drive

    The M&W Dyna-Drive is a unique ground-driven, rotary, surface cultivator that creates the ideal seedbed in a single pass at speeds up to 10 MPH. The Dyna-Drive can be used as a stand alone machine or as part of a tillage system. Since the Dyna-Drive is ground driven there are no PTO drivelines, gearboxes, tires, or wheels to wear out. The dual speed twin rotor system shatters the soil without smearing, slabbing, or crusting, while it maintains...

  • M&W - Model HC501, HC601, HC701, HC801 - Hay Clipper

    M&W - Model HC501, HC601, HC701, HC801 - Hay Clipper

    The HC series is available in four models with mowing widths of 82', 95', 112', and 124'. The cutterbar is designed for easy removal of the disc spindle shaft and gear module for quick, low cost repairs, if needed. Durability is increased with the addition of an extra long stiffener on the backside of the bar to help resist twisting or bending. The discs are protected on the leading edge by replaceable alloy steel rock guards and feature an anti-wrap...

  • M&W - Model PT207 PT407 PT407H - Hay Tedder

    M&W - Model PT207 PT407 PT407H - Hay Tedder

    Low cost and simple operation make the PT207 tedder ideal for tedding small grass hay acreage. The PT207 covers a working width of 10' using two overlapping rotors. Each rotor contains 6 individual replaceable arms and spring loaded teeth for an even spreading of forage.

  • M&W - Model 5506 5596 5600 5690 - Round Balers

    M&W - Model 5506 5596 5600 5690 - Round Balers

    M&W large round hay balers are designed to take the work out of baling hay. A simple, easy-to-maintain design incorporates a fully-enclosed bale chamber, simple controls, and reduced horsepower requirements to provide years of trouble-free service and consistent high-quality bales. The fully-enclosed chamber helps minimize leaf loss, while creating a bale that cures from the inside out, to provide higher feed value in the bale....

  • M&W - Wheel Rakes

    M&W - Wheel Rakes

    The full line of M&W® wheel rakes is designed to offer a gentle, ground-driven solution for your hay raking needs. With maximum working widths ranging from 3'10' to 33'5', there is a M&W rake to fit most applications. There are six models of rakes available in a total of twenty different sizes. Spring-steel finger wheels are used on all the rakes to provide a clean job with reduced, 'roping' or twisting of the hay. Whether you have a large...

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  • Farm King

  • Farm King - Model 10 / 13 / 16 - Backsaver Auger

    Farm King - Model 10 / 13 / 16 - Backsaver Auger

    Farm King has been manufacturing backsaver augers for more than four decades. The same principles used back then still apply today when choosing materials that go into every auger, grade A steel and functional design. Models range in lengths of 50 to 104 feet accompanied by 10, 13 and 16-inch tube sizes. A patented bridge –like support system allows the auger tubing and flighting to remain stable at all times including raising and lower of the...

  • Farm King - Grain Cart

    Farm King - Grain Cart

    The Farm King grain cart builds on decades of high quality grain handling equipment manufacturing. Farm King products handle grain from the combine to market. Featuring a high capacity 22' unloading auger, standard roll tarp and a rotating unload spout. The Farm King grain cart also features a gravity flow discharge designed to unload directly into pits and auger hoppers. The 1060 and 1360 carts use high quality components and are built to handle the...

  • Farm King - Model PTO - Grain Vac

    Farm King - Model PTO - Grain Vac

    The Farm King Grain Vac is an efficient way to transport grain from bin to truck, bin to bin, storage shed to truck and basic bin cleanup. The high vacuum suction carries the crop on a pillow of air and aids in cleaning out trash particles as the crop goes through the grain vac. The versatility of the grain vac hoses and cleanup wands allow the operator to access hard-to-reach areas for superior cleaning. The optional self-contained hydraulics allow...

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  • Rotary Cutters

  • Finish Mowers

  • Model FA Series  - Single Deck Mowers

    Model FA Series - Single Deck Mowers

    The FA Series Finishing Mower Series features a tapered, sloped discharge area to provided even distribution of cut material across the width of the mower. This allows for less clumping and windrowing than similar mowers that use chain guards or rubber deflectors. In addition, built-in baffles help control the air and material flow through the cutting chamber, assuring a n even cut and even material distribution across the width of the mower....

  • Hay Equipment

  • Model AGM Series - Disc Mowers

    Model AGM Series - Disc Mowers

    Perfect for rocky conditions and high-speed operations, the oval-shaped cutter discs have contoured edging for greater impact resistance. Additionally, the rugged gear drive cutter bar includes sealed oil-cooled bearings for improved performance on uneven terrain. The easily adjusted flotation system maintains consistent ground pressure on the cutter bar through a wide range of terrains and contours.