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  • Catros - Model 2 TS - Trailed Machines

    Catros - Model 2 TS - Trailed Machines

    The standard equipment of the Catros 2 TS trailed models in 4 m, 5 m and 6 m working widths includes a bogey chassis with drawbar. Catros 2 TS models travel more smoothly, because during operation, the running gear folds completely over the centre frame. In addition, the weight of the running gear increases the soil penetration of the machine. An additional 'plus' of these machines is their flexibility in operation, because depending on the...

  • AMAZONE - Model KG - Rotary Cultivator

    AMAZONE - Model KG - Rotary Cultivator

    The KG rotary cultivator incorporates all the design features of the rotary harrow but has an even thicker skinned trough, bigger diameter shafts and stronger tines. AMAZONE KG rotary cultivators are equipped with the proven 'On Grip' tines to pull themselves into work and automatically maintain the desired working depth. Also in dry and firm fields the rotary cultivator breaks up the soil without any problems and simultaneously intensively...