Wellons, Inc.

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  • Refractory Services

    Refractory Services

    As a part of the Wellons Customer Service Group, the specialists of Rogue Pro Industrial offer a wide array of industrial services. Whether it is refractory or mechanical services, the fully trained professionals of RPI will show you why they are the Refractory Installation Specialists.

  • Lumber Dry Kiln Services

    Lumber Dry Kiln Services

    Complete Remodel and Upgrade Services Dry Kiln Inspection, Calibration, and Tuning Services Dry Kiln Maintenance and Replacement Parts Lumber Drying Training and Support Programs

  • Lumber Drying Support Process

    Lumber Drying Support Process

    The Wellons Support Process represents a process of basics providing for consistent, reliable kiln performance, end results allowing the maximization of the kiln system - as well as providing the opportunity for excellence through attention to details. Our program is very interactive with the personnel and manufacturing and will provide measurable results.