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  • Potatoes & Onions

  • Insulation Unit

    Insulation Unit

    Our Fire rated Agrispray can be used for all buildings. Most buildings can be completed in 3-4 days and with a 24hr curing time the store is soon ready for use. Spray on polyurethane foams have been in use for over 30 years and are well proven as a means of insulating new or existing buildings.

  • Curtains & Doors

    Curtains & Doors

    The Welvent Curtain provides a simple option for sealing existing doors or splitting stores to help reduce running cost and keep store temperatures even.

  • Model 4000  - Controls System

    Model 4000 - Controls System

    Evolved over many years the Welvent/Stealth Partnership goes from strength to strength. The latest series 4000 control represents the ultimate in control for a refrigerated store. Whilst the APC 200 and WDC2 are simple proven controls. Our control are used in hundreds of stores throughout the UK, Eire and across the world, and are available in different language formats. Automatic control systems provide constant monitoring and control, all day and...

  • Model APC 200 - Controls System

    Model APC 200 - Controls System

    This control is designed for small refrigerated stores and for ambient stores. It offers many of the functions of its big brother series 3000 control – but not the defrost on demand or digital compressor control.

  • Grain

  • Grain Drying Fans

    Grain Drying Fans

    The most important component of any crop store is the fan, it is the engine or the heart of the system. Air movement is critical to the optimum operation of any storage and drying system. The Welvent range is made up of both axial and centrifugal fan units, which means that the optimum fan can be selected for the job. Fans are chosen to suit the volume and pressure requirements of the crop and system whilst giving consideration to other important...

  • Crop Drying Gas Burners

    Crop Drying Gas Burners

    The Welvent range of Modulating Gas Burners provides reliable heating and drying regardless of conditions for low running costs.

  • Grain Stirrer

    Grain Stirrer

    Our range of Stirrers provide even drying with a complete mix of crop. Linked with a gas burner it achieves high drying output over the bulk store.

  • Bespoke Systems

    Bespoke Systems

    Crop Drying Solutions. A quality Welvent timber installation designed to suit your individual requirements will give a long life at a sensible cost, and provide quality storage.