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  • Feed & Grain Process Control

  • Model WEM4000 - Receiving System

    Model WEM4000 - Receiving System

    The WEM4000 Receiving system is the automated solution that has proven to unload trucks faster and automatically route accurately while maintaining detailed lot tracking for exacting traceability. This module accepts orders from a purchase order system, locally entered purchases or entry of orders “on the fly” by the truck driver using automatic identification. Unattended operations with optional automatic interface and RFID allow...

  • Bag Label Printers

    Bag Label Printers

    WEM4000 systems are now available with a label printer for sample bag label generation. This feature eliminates the concern about getting the correct information on a sample bag. Additionally the WEM traceability software enables source code entry to trace the source of all ingredients and document every load of feed delivered. This printer will automatically and accurately provide detailed sample labels in the receiving area for all ingredients, in...

  • Bar Code Scanner

    Bar Code Scanner

    WEM uses bar code reading and tag printing as well as RFID for numerous applications in the feed mill.

  • Precision Positioning of Lorry Devices

    Precision Positioning of Lorry Devices

    The WEM4000 positioning system reliably indicates equipment positions within fractions of an inch of the desired position. This means that a lorry scale can quickly and automatically be precisely positioned under a bin or automatically moved to a discharge point. Shuttle conveyors can be moved to precise locations and trucks can be perfectly positioned on scales or under the lorry discharge location.

  • Cameras - for All Environments

    Cameras - for All Environments

    The WEM4000 camera interface can be used for many viewing and recording activities throughout the feed mill. The pictures can be displayed on the main system monitor or on multiple monitors simultaneously. Data can be captured and recorded electronically. In receiving or loadout, pictures of the truck sides with their names and pictures of the truck license numbers can be viewed, recorded, digitized and stored with transaction records. This permanent...