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  • Pigs - Feeding

  • Wesstron - Dry Automatic Feeders

    Wesstron - Dry Automatic Feeders

    The machine works thanks to gravitational feed falling (powdery or granular) from the reservoir into the trough.  Cover the bed is rectangular shaped with a sloping wall, forming a funnel with is a food tray under.

  • Multimat - Automatic Feeders

    Multimat - Automatic Feeders

    Automatic feeder “Multimat” is intended for a maximum of 45 animals. It has a simple mechanism for regulating the shedding of feed. Manual or automatic loading.  Equipped with a stainless steel through, 2 nipples and pourer capacity 160 liters. There are 2 versions available: single and double.

  • Pigs- Drinking

  • Bowl Drinkers

    Bowl Drinkers

    The use of this type of watering reduces water loss, reduces stress in the group of animals and facilitates the administration of water-soluble drugs.

  • Nipple Drinkers

    Nipple Drinkers

    Nipple drinkers are characterized by good quality and low price in relation to drinking bowls. The most important advantage is the absence of impurities.

  • Poultry- Feeding

  • Wesstron - Broiler Feed Pans

    Wesstron - Broiler Feed Pans

    Three windows for a full and automatic filling of feed pan, Pan easy to use for day-old chicks thanks to a specially designed pan grill, Feed saving collar of feed pan so that the loose of feed from feeders is minimized, Anti spill brim prevents feed wastage, Provides fresh feed through the whole period of chickens fattening, Feeder windows are fully open in every position of dose regulator controller, Feed pan set on the floor - dose regulator opens...

  • Wesstron - Turkey Feeding Pans

    Wesstron - Turkey Feeding Pans

    Versatile feed pan. One feed pan for breeding and fattening period – you only need to replace the pan plate for fattening turkeys. Easy adjustment of the edge of the pan with the turkey chick breading, Central control of feed level in pans - one elevator regulating the discharge of feed at each feeding line. Easy assembly and disassembly. Easy to clean and maintain hygiene.