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  • Spread-All Manure Spreaders

  • Pull-Type Tractor Manure Spreaders

    Pull-Type Tractor Manure Spreaders

    For all of you who want to pull behind a tractor in the field, our Heavy Duty/Industrial Pull Type Manure Spreader has provided 18 years of excellence. Spread-All is built to last, but built for convenience. Our pull types include special features such as an easily removable bolt-on hitch, a white spoke on the horizontal spreaders so the...

  • Dump-All Grain Trucks

  • Grain Trucks

    Grain Trucks

    Well built grain trucks are hard to find. Look no longer. Our Dump-All Grain Trucks will meet all your grain, silage and distiller product needs. A new product in 2009, we have refined our design on this relatively new staple of our operations allowing for better fulfillment of our customer's needs. One of the most recent additions to our West Point Design family. As with all our products, quality is the key. We also custom fit our Dump-All grain and...

  • Dump-All Side Dump

  • Side Dump

    Side Dump

    Sized up to 17.9 cubic yards. Rolls instead of lifts for less wear and smoother dump in your material hauling. Liner helps clean out box easily. Durable. Resale Value.

  • Spread-All Bale Processors

  • Bale Processors

    Bale Processors

    The Spread-All Bale processor look like just another Spread-All Manure Spreader, but it stands tall in its own right.