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  • Western - Hopper Trailers, A-Train Trailers, AG Trailers

    Western - Hopper Trailers, A-Train Trailers, AG Trailers

    The first hopper trailers were coming off the assembly line in the late 1960's. With two different degrees of slopes and many different side heights as well as overall combinations, the Western Trailer hoppers are seen across the country. All of the trailers are equipped with rollover tarps, and the highest quality components to maximize weight and durability. As with all Western Trailers, the list of options seems to never end. Whenever custom...

  • Model 3 - Full Emptying Hopper Bins

    Model 3 - Full Emptying Hopper Bins

    Hoppers are constructed of high-tensile steel with lightweight aluminum doors and a big 24' x 32' opening. End slopes are 45° for easy unloading. The gear-type door operator is extended to the outer rail so you won't have to climb under the trailer to open our hopper doors.

  • Ag Express Floor - Trailer

    Ag Express Floor - Trailer

    The Ag Express Floor is the lightest, most durable trailer on the road. Its high-tensile steel frame and aircraft-grade aluminum components allow you to carry significantly more payload. The Ag Express Floor features the latest evolution in livefloor technology. Heavy duty extruded, full length aluminum slats result in less maintenance and a more durable, longer-lasting floor and greater ease and convenience in loading and unloading. The floor itself...