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  • WIC - Model 684 - Silo Unloader

    WIC - Model 684 - Silo Unloader

    Up to 5 rings - 7/8” width by  1/2” – stacked upright for  more safety.. 3 rings made for two motors  connected together – 240V – 1 phase. 4 rings made for two  independent motors – 240V  – 1 phase. 5 rings made for two  independent motors :  240V – 3 phase motors. 480V (USA) – 3 phase motors. 600V – 3 phase motors. Against moisture and dust. Assembled in a...

  • WIC - Motorized Feeders

    WIC - Motorized Feeders

    Even distribution of silage and total mixed ration. Selection of six different models : WIC-32, WIC-45, WIC-52, WIC-60, WIC-70 and WIC-90. Four types of discharge systems available: one side, two-side, top unload or front unload. 5.5HP, 9HP or 11HP Honda motors. Forward and reverse variable speed. Long powerful hay beaters included with all models. D662H chains that do not stretch. Shock absorber system preventing the   transmission of the...

  • WIC - Hydraulic Motorized Bedding Chopper

    WIC - Hydraulic Motorized Bedding Chopper

    13 HP Motor equipped with ES. Double Hydrostatic Pump allowing variable back and forth speed. Metal tub 48'' x 36'' : Variable speed by hydraulic drive. Driven by a chain #50 to prevent sliding. High capacity tub that may contain one large square bale cut in pieces or 7 to 8 small bales without requiring raised panels. Held in place by 5 maintenance free ball bearings. Two 10'' antipuncture front tires provide great stability and two 16''  6 ply...

  • WIC - Total Mixed Ration Feeders

    WIC - Total Mixed Ration Feeders

    Produce total mixed ration with silage, hay and feed. Electronic scale insuring precise mixed ration. Easy top loading of the ingredient. Fast uniform blend within 2 to 5 minutes. Mixing mechanism made with chains and steel paddles. 9 or 11 HP gasoline motor available.

  • WIC - Roller Mills

    WIC - Roller Mills

    WIC Roller Mills offer precision while being simple to operate. Single or double Roller Mills available. Grains crush uniformly to obtain fresh rations. Up to 6 ingredients milled simultaneously. 3 types of rollers can be combined to obtain the required texture: Diamond tips R4 4 grooves per inch R10 10 grooves per inch A powerful magnet sensor prevent any metallic object from infiltrating into the recipe. A system of springs allows an adequate and...