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  • Primary Tillage

  • Model 614NT - Disc Harrow

    Model 614NT - Disc Harrow

    The 614 heavy duty disc has the weight per blade (average 327 lbs. per blade) and the blade spacing (10') to get through the heaviest corn residue and to get deep enough to bury and mix trash that will allow you to make a seedbed with minimum spring tillage. Standard 5/16' x 26' smooth disc blades will get you through even the most difficult conditions. Important options such as a 5/8' 3 bar coil tine harrow or two bar coil tine with flat bar basket...

  • Secondary Tillage

  • Seedbed Finishers

    Seedbed Finishers

    The Wil-Rich 1400 Seedbed Finisher is a multi-purpose final pass seedbed preparation and chemical incorporation tool. It is a complete machine designed to make a firm, flat seedbed in only one trip, and it can incorporate chemicals effectively, resulting in a more productive seedbed.

  • Other Implements

  • Flail Shredder

    Flail Shredder

    The Quad-Cut Shredder shreds heavy residue left by crops such as corn and cotton. Shredding allows easier flow through primary tillage, and residue is mixed with soil in smaller pieces for faster decomposing.