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  • WILCOX - Eliminator

    WILCOX - Eliminator

    The Wilcox Eliminator represents a complete tillage strategy and field optimized system for advanced growers who understand the complexities of today’s farm economics and the powerful application potential of the WILCOX APPLIED BENEFIT engineering that has gone into the design and fabrication of the Wilcox Eliminator. The annual economic impact to improved farm profitability, cash flow and return on investment make investing in a Wilcox...

  • WILCOX - Finishing Chisel

    WILCOX - Finishing Chisel

    The Wilcox Finishing Chisel picks up where spring loaded chisel plows leave off. While the finishing chisel shanks are sheer protected, the breakout is typically 2-3 times that of spring-loaded shanks. Many western soils will trip or force spring shanks to pivot upward before the chisel has achieved the desired depth. The rigid shank applies the maximum amounts of fracturing force to the ground not limited by a particular spring rake. In other words,...

  • WILCOX - Spiral Crumbler

    WILCOX - Spiral Crumbler

    Wilcox Agri-Products Crumblers provide an unsurpassed level of ground surface and subsurface finishing action. The Spiral crumbler ridges or checks field surface to improve pre-irrigation and crimps soil residue into the soil. This crimping action allows for faster decomposition of residue into vital organic matter. The Star crumbler is unsurpassed in breaking large dry clods, and is a quicker path to a well formed seedbed.

  • WILCOX - Model II - Heavy Duty Performer

    WILCOX - Model II - Heavy Duty Performer

    The Wilcox Heavy Duty Performer and Performer II - a maximum versatility, multifunctional ground driven mulcher (no PTO required) with both minimum tillage and conservation tillage functionality. Combines conventional, multi-pass tillage and bed operations (listing, lay-by, pre-working beds, side dressing, etc.) into one or two pass completion at exceptional cost savings. The only tillage tool on the market representing a complete tillage...

  • WILCOX - Folding Bars

    WILCOX - Folding Bars

    The Wilcox Folding Bars are a lower cost, superior option than stacker bars, providing growers with ideal versatility for listing, cultivating, fertilizing, etc. Many successful growers have developed their own customized tillage solutions that rely on a durable, heavy wall folding bars for optimum set up. We have designed our folding bars as a solid and dependable foundation for grower customized solutions. They are adoptable to our complete line of...

  • WILCOX - Rip Listers

    WILCOX - Rip Listers

    Wilcox Rip Listers provide subsoiling benefits with Conservation Tillage practices. By combining listing and subsoiling operations with a Wilcox Rip Lister, growers can apply Conservation Tillage practices while retaining their subsoiling program.This strategy eliminates all operations typically performed after ripping and prior to listing. By predetermining the seed row with a Rip Lister, growers only invest in subsoiling the most important part of...

  • Heavy Duty Plows

    Heavy Duty Plows

    Our heavy-duty plows are proven - rugged, dependable, and extremely efficient - capable of increase plow depths in the toughest of soils and trash conditions. They provide generous clearance for operation in high crop residue, and maximize plowing efficiency in both pull type and 3 PT configurations.

  • WILCOX - Rolling Cutter

    WILCOX - Rolling Cutter

    Wilcox Rolling Cutter - A new approach to PTO driven machines. The Wilcox Rolling Cutter offers growers a new high-speed, low maintenance approach to chopping using PTO driven machines operated at low speeds with costly drive lines, gear boxes and belts.

  • WILCOX - Heavy Duty Hitch Carriers

    WILCOX - Heavy Duty Hitch Carriers

    Wilcox Agri-Products Hitch Carriers allow any “standard categroy” 3PT implements to be pulled from the drawbar of your wheel or crawler tractor.