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  • Sprayer Componets

  • Combo-jet - Nozzle Bodies

    Combo-jet - Nozzle Bodies

    Rugged and durable. Unique Radialock cap retainer makes it easier to put on and take off caps and caps are less likely to get knocked off. Available in single, double and triple outlet wet boom, dry boom and KWIKSTOP models.

  • COMBO-RATE - Nozzle Bodies

    COMBO-RATE - Nozzle Bodies

    Combo-rate ii stacking nozzle are a new design, which include having the nozzle bodies attach to the boom with a bottom (or top*) fed inlet. Notably, this allows for nozzle bodies to be stackable both forward and backward off of a boom. (as well as having an outlet directly under the boom)

  • Wilger - Manifold Flow Indicator Columns

    Wilger - Manifold Flow Indicator Columns

    The wilger visual ball flow manifold columns are infinitely stackable, so they can be built into any required configuration. Manifold flow indicators come in three different columns sizes, broken down by recommended flow ranges: Ultra low flow column: 0.01 – 0.24 us gpm flow rates. Low flow column: 0.05 – 0.65 us gpm flow rates. Standard flow column: 0.07 – 2.70 us gpm flow rates.