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  • Magnum - Model GB  - Travelling Raingun / Irrigator

    Magnum - Model GB - Travelling Raingun / Irrigator

    The new Williams GB Magnum travelling Raingun/irrigator is the first of its kind.... The patented design combines the performance of a static rain gun with the reliability of our GreenBack travelling irrigator to create an Irrigator that we believe surpasses all competing forms of effluent irrigation equipment. With a wetted width more than twice as wide as a traditional travelling irrigator, offering application rates and depths competitive...

  • Deluxe  - Model Junior - Irrigator

    Deluxe - Model Junior - Irrigator

    The Williams Deluxe Junior Irrigator a shorter armed version of the SpiderDeluxe. This irrigator is specifically designed for smaller sized farms withlower powered pumps (5.0-7.5hp). If at a later date a larger pump is installed,extensions can be bolted into the arms to convert your Deluxe Junior to aSpider Deluxe. The Deluxe Junior comes standard with 200m of stainless steelwire.