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  • Linde  - Model H25T - Forklifts

    Linde - Model H25T - Forklifts

    Linde Material Handling is also positioned as a major manufacturer of hydrostatic drives produced mainly for use in construction, farming and forest machinery. This unique hydrostatic design eliminates conventional transmissions, brakes, torque converters and U-joints while substantially reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

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  • Clark  - Model TMX15 - Forklifts

    Clark - Model TMX15 - Forklifts

    Employees of the Clark Equipment Company built the world’s first internal combustion-powered Tructractor in 1917 in Buchanan, Michigan. Presently, there are over 250,000 Clark lift trucks operating in North America and 350,000 units operating all around the globe. Worldwide, Clark has one of the broadest product lines in the industry with five major lines. Trucks ranging from 1,500 to 18,000 pound capacities, LPG, gasoline, dual fuel, diesel,...

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  • Sellick  - Model S80 - Forklifts

    Sellick - Model S80 - Forklifts

    Sellick has become a leader in the production of specialized rough terrain forklift equipment with capacities up to 16,000 lbs. many with four-wheel drive. They offer unique products for use in lumber mills, poultry barns, turf farms and any other application requiring high ground clearance, traction and flotation.

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    Bendi - Model Electric - Forklifts

    Landoll Bendi Electric or IC powered trucks provide the world's first 180 degree articulating mast front wheel steered design, providing unmatched manoeuvrability in narrow aisle storage. Besides working in narrow aisles, the Bendis can also work in bulk storage and congested manufacturing areas, in push-back and drive in rack systems, rail cars, and outdoors.