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  • Willsie - Sweet Potato Harvester

    Willsie - Sweet Potato Harvester

    Automatically Lowers Pallet Box during filling. Reduces handling of product. Increases worker productivity. Electronic controls with manual override. Infinite speed adjustment hydraulic drives. Single or Multi Row available. Spring Action Top Conveyor Belt. Rubber coated belted chain. Tested and Proven Design.

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  • Robocrop - Inrow Weeder

    Robocrop - Inrow Weeder

    The Garford Robocrop InRow Weeder uses tried and tested Robocrop video image analysis techniques to locate individual plants in order to mechanically remove weeds from the inter row and importantly within the crop row between the plants. Developed for use on transplanted crops such as lettuce, cabbage, celery etc Robocrop InRow can however be used on most crops that are planted with regular plant and row spacing where the plant foliage is clearly...

  • Inter Row Cultivators

    Inter Row Cultivators

    Garford inter-row cultivators are custom built to suit customer's requirements. Garford have experience in models for all row crops. A wide range of shares are available including the traditional duck foot A share, flat A shares, L blades, and Garford's specially developed Slash blade which ensures no “slip by” but also has good plant foliage clearance. See the brochure for the full range of tools including crop protection shields and...

  • Weedfoil Weedwiper

    Weedfoil Weedwiper

    The Garford Weedfoil weedwiper is a height dependant chemical applicator which uses a saturated felt pad to transfer systemic herbicide onto the weeds which are growing above the crop.

  • Band and Hooded Sprayers

    Band and Hooded Sprayers

    An alternative to inter-row cultivators, the hooded sprayer can provide total weed kill between the rows without soil disturbance. Band widths between 10cm and 60cm can be accommodated with 2 choices of hood size and a special swivel action. The hooded sprayer units can be employed on their own or in combination with soil engaging crop protection shields if required. The hoods are supported on parallel linkage wheel units.

  • Robocrop - Guided Hoes

    Robocrop - Guided Hoes

    Robocrop is the original and best crop imaging system which achieves excellent row following by viewing multiple crop rows over a large area. Utilising the Robocrop grid matching technique accurate row following is possible even on narrow row cereals and multi line (carrot type) rows.

  • Victor - Sugar Beet Harvesters

    Victor - Sugar Beet Harvesters

    Garford Victor sugar beet harvesters are available as 3, 4 and 6 row models for use in combination with 4wd tractors of 80hp - 150hp. The harvesters feature numerous unique devices offering advantageous operation such as skew bar toppers for reduced beet losses and spiroll cleaners for excellent clod, trash and soil extraction with minimum root loss. Row widths from 40cm upwards can be accommodated. Standard models come with row widths of 45cm or...