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  • Neo - Transporting Machine

    Neo - Transporting Machine

    The time-consuming transporting of harvest crates by tractor now belongs to the past. With neo you can now transport crates how, when and where you want – fully automatically and remote-controlled! Neo provides valuable assistance for both fruit production and wine growing. The harvest crate is always close to the pickers, thus permitting faster, more careful harvesting. As well as transporting harvest crates, it can also be used in summer as a...

  • Model K5 - All-Round Lifting Platform

    Model K5 - All-Round Lifting Platform

    The K5 all-round lifting platform is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. With its platform height of up to 2.70 metres, the K5 offers comfortable working, either when opening/closing hail nets or during harvesting operations. The patented crate emptying system, already used in its predecessor, the K4 model, automatically lowers and empties the picking baskets from above and into the crate. In this way up to five people can easily pick...

  • Model K4 - Lifting Platform

    Model K4 - Lifting Platform

    Our K4 is a cost-efficient general-purpose platform for your family business. It is compact, agile and functional, and can support you all year round in your work: tree pruning, thinning by hand, or working on hail nets, ensuring that harvesting is completed comfortably, quickly and with maximum care. The K4 has a unique patented harvesting system. The picking baskets for the upper areas are automatically lowered and emptied into the crates from...