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  • 2m Tunnel House with Plastic Cover

    2m Tunnel House with Plastic Cover

    Winter Gardenz Tunnel Houses are made of from a durable aluminium frame covered with a strong plastic film tensioned for strength. The proven heat retention enables enjoyment of homegrown fruit and vegetables all year round. Also suitable for orchid growing and propagation of plants and seedlings. Perfect entry level grow house. Assists achieving year round growth for your precious plants. Strong & durable and will last for years. Assembled in 2-3...

  • 6x4 Polycarbonate Greenhouse

    6x4 Polycarbonate Greenhouse

    By far the strongest and most durable greenhouse available on the New Zealand market! Winter Gardenz are proud of our award winning unique greenhouse design. The construction is made from top quality components sourced from around New Zealand. Designed especially for our harsh weather conditions and built to last! Choose the greenhouse height to suit your requirements and using our wide range of greenhouse accessories create a greenhouse that is...