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  • Nut Processing

  • Receiving Pit

    Receiving Pit

    Everything has a beginning... Including the Wizard Greenline. After coming directly from the field, the nuts are dumped into our receiving pit, which stores the nuts before they are processed through the plant. Wizard Receiving Pits are built with durability and ease of maintenance as a top priority. A typical pit is constructed with heavy duty beams in line with truck traffic and round pipe grate. The reinforced Pit Liner is constructed to...

  • Desticker/ Trash Aspirator

    Desticker/ Trash Aspirator

    The first step in an efficient hulling plant is to remove as many sticks and as much trash and leaves as possible early in the operation. Our experience shows that substantial gains in plant throughput can be achieved by this process. Typically the product is introduced onto a “Desticker Chain” which allows the nuts to fall through while carrying the longer sticks over the end. The nuts and smaller trash are then fed into a large capacity...

  • Huller Bypass System

    Huller Bypass System

    The Wizard Huller Bypass system is a unique piece of equipment that diverts nuts without their hulls around the huller. Bypassing the nuts past the huller increases plant capacity and saves wear and tear on your equipment.

  • Sorting Tables

    Sorting Tables

    Although the Greenline removes a majority of the trash and hulls, the sorting table is used at the end of the line to make sure that nothing besides your product can get through to the drying stages. Utilizing a prestoflex conveyor to move the product, the sorting table is perfect and safe for removing the very last bit of unwanted debris in your crop. The Sorting Table is built in numerous lengths and widths to suit the tonnage and number of sorters...

  • Model DR Series - Huller

    Model DR Series - Huller

    Most of today's commercial hullers need to produce a high volume of hulled product per hour. To meet this demand, Wizard offers the DR series Rotary Hullers. With a high speed rotary brush, and three linear feet of knife surface the DR Series Rotary Hullers can maintain high production volumes throughout the harvest season.

  • Model R12 - Walnut/Pecan Huller

    Model R12 - Walnut/Pecan Huller

    Originally designed and manufactured in 1939, the Wizard R12 huller has stood the test of time. Although it maintains the same basic configuration as the original, constant refinements and imporvements have made the R12 Huller a standard in the industry. The Huller has a built in washer cage and the entire unit is powered utilizing a single motor. The R12 features hardened steel hulling knives, an easy 1-hand adjustment system, and the Huller is...

  • Other Products

  • Model 2712 - Blueline Dryers

    Model 2712 - Blueline Dryers

    Blueline Dryers are simple in design and operation, energy efficient and trouble-free. Realizing that no one design is perfect for every need, our engineers have pooled their more than 80 yrs of experience to create this versatile line of crop dryers. With four basic models and several variations, one is certain to meet your drying needs. The great part about Blueline Dryers is that they are flexible, safe, and efficient.  All models of the...