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  • Finish Mowers

    For those who demand a professionally groomed lawn, Woods high-performance finish mowers ensure a clean, crisp, manicured appearance year after year. Our unique rounded front, tapered-side rear discharge deck allows you to mow with better maneuverability – reducing trim time and increasing productivity. Heat-treated, alloy steel blades provide maximum performance and precision cutting for all your lawn care applications. The combination of a deep deck, baffling and unique rear disch

  • Woods - Model PRD6000 - Rear-Mount Finish Mowers

    Woods - Model PRD6000 - Rear-Mount Finish Mowers

    Rear Mount Finish Mowers; 60-inch cutting width, Rear Discharge. Three-point hitch: Cat 1. Tractor HP range: 15-40 hp. Ideal for mowing large lawns, sports fields, and parks. Strong, eight-gauge steel deck. Floating lower hitch points to manage uneven terrain. Powerful 60 hp gearbox. Kevlar® belt with clutching cover protects parts and increases lifespan. Anti-shimmy caster wheel springs reduce shock loads. Tubular caster wheel arms for added...

  • Loaders

    Load or haul any material with Woods Groundmover-X Front-end Loaders. Engineered with convenience and ruggedness in mind, Woods Loaders are perfect for commercial landscaping jobs or around the farm or ranch. The mid-attaching loader boom provides optimal visibility and maneuverability for those tight places. The wrench-less, two-pin mid-attach mount system offers greater flexibility for your tractor. The unique 4-bar bucket linkage allows a 35-degree bucket roll-back angle for less material

  • Woods - Model LC102 Compact - Loaders

    Woods - Model LC102 Compact - Loaders

    The LC102 loader mount utilizes the structural integrity inherent in 20 to 35 horsepower compact tractors and features a center-point attachment—reducing obstructions and providing a much cleaner, more integrated look. A wrenchless, 2-pin mid-attach mount design allows for quick attaching and detaching of the loader boom from the tractor. Simply set the bucket on the ground, roll to release pressure on attachment pins, and set loader stand. Pull...

  • Backhoes

    Get a Woods Groundbreaker®-X Backhoe to handle your most challenging digging and trenching jobs. Tested in the real-world conditions, our construction-grade Gannon® bucket, excavator-style boom and unique easy-on/easy-off mounting system combine to give you the best-built backhoe in the industry.

  • Woods - Model BH6000  - Backhoes

    Woods - Model BH6000 - Backhoes

    Backhoes BH6000 is a 6-foot maximum digging depth. Tractor HP range: 15-30 hp. Bucket options include 9-inch trenching, 12-inch all-purpose digging and 16-inch max-capacity digging. Designed for tight spaces and hard-to-reach digging and trenching jobs in the yard, garden and pasture. Built specifically for subcompact tractors. Operates with most loaders and undermount mowers attached. Easy transport due to high ramp angle and ground clearance....

  • Rotary Cutters

  • Woods Batwing - Model BW12 - Rotary Cutters

    Woods Batwing - Model BW12 - Rotary Cutters

    The Original Batwing in a New 12-foot width, designed specifically for compact tractors. 12-foot Dual-wing cutter for compact/utility tractors. Main driveline: Cat 4. Tractor PTO HP: 35 hp minimum. Cuts brush up to 1.5-inches in diameter. Side frame depth of 11-inches. Lighter tongue weight ideal for use on lower horsepower compact and utility tractors. Fully baffled deck for even distribution and a finer shred. Standard integrated chain shielding....