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  • Hose-Reel Irrigators

    Hose-Reel Irrigators

    As water becomes an increasingly precious resource the need to manage limited supplies to enhance crop production becomes an ever greater priority.

  • Wright Rain - Pipes and Fittings

    Wright Rain - Pipes and Fittings

    The Wright Rain range of aluminium pipes and fittings are known all over the world for their superior quality and durability, and have become the industry standard for many applications. Their light weight, strength and corrosion resistance makes them ideally suited for portable irrigation systems.

  • Macpenny - Mist Propagation Equipment

    Macpenny - Mist Propagation Equipment

    Macpenny Mist Propagation equipment, with over 40 years experience and manufacturing, is the most respected name in this field. The installation of a Macpenny system in the propagation house leads to an immediate and dramatic increase in plant production efficiency. A range of system controls are available, to suit all propagation needs.

  • Wright Rain - Manurain Sprinkler

    Wright Rain - Manurain Sprinkler

    The Wright Rain Manurain Sprinkler, designed & manufactured in England, and used throughout the world is an efficient, low-maintenance full circle rotating sprinkler specifically designed for the handling of slurry. It will operate over a wide range of pressures (1-5bar), and will distribute slurry evenly over a wide area.