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  • Filtration

  • Screen Filters

    Screen Filters

    Screen Filters are a very efficient form of filtration, best used for surface filtration, also used widely in the irrigation world. Our automatic screen filters are slightly different to other Screen Filters as they have suction nozzles that continuously run backwards and forwards along the filter screen brushing against it to constantly clean the screen during the filtration process. Due to this the filter is able to perform continuous filtration...

  • Irrigation

  • WrootWater - Drip Irrigation Systems

    WrootWater - Drip Irrigation Systems

    These unique & automated systems are individually designed to meet grower’s specific requirements. Users vary in size from 10 to over 100 hectares and we use GPS mapping to accurately plan the proposed systems. Using our own sourced connectors and fittings; leaks and problems associated with older and inferior drip systems are eliminated. There are several Drip and micro irrigation systems available for open field and Greenhouse / Poly...

  • WrootWater - Sprinkler Systems

    WrootWater - Sprinkler Systems

    The Coverline system joins polyethylene tubes with aluminium couplings to obtain uniform water application. These systems generally consist of a network of main pipes, a group of hydrants and the laterals. The sprinklers are assembled on aluminium risers of different heights (up to 3m). The Coverline system uses lever lock union and half turn couplings. They are easy to handle due to their lightness, environmental resistance and resistance to chemical...

  • Wroot Water - Model K-Line - Irrigation and Water Movement System

    Wroot Water - Model K-Line - Irrigation and Water Movement System

    Wroot Water Limited specialises in Irrigation and Water Movement. We have recently started to import a new irrigation system from New Zealand called K-Line Irrigation. K-Line is a very simple form of irrigation and distribution of waste water. Clean and dirty water can both be used through the K-Line system which is especially effective and efficient in the distribution of parlour washings within dairy farms. K-Line Irrigation has been used...