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  • York Landscape Rakes

  • Model TA1 - York Rakes

    Model TA1 - York Rakes

    The York Rake Model TA14, 4' Width Consists of adjustable trailing hitch and 4' Rake. Can be used with ATV/UTV's. Designed for lawn and garden riding tractors, ATV's & UTV's of lower horse power capacities. This four-foot Trailer-Type Rake may be drawn in three positions: straight across, or angled to discharge material either to right or left. Uses a simple pin hitch. NOW AVAILABLE WITH OPTIONAL 1-7/8' BALL HITCH.

  • Modern Implements

  • Model MR36 - 6` Landscape Rake

    Model MR36 - 6` Landscape Rake

    The Model MR3 is ideal for light duty maintenance and landscaping jobs. At 6', 7' and 8' widths these economical but rugged implements are designed for use with category '1' lawn and garden tractors up to 30 H.P.