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  • Major - Tractor

    Major - Tractor

    Major is a universal agricultural wheeled tractor that you will appreciate for its excellent price‑to‑power ratio. It is designed for coupling with farm machines, as well as for transport. Major is designed for small and family farms, but is also useful for light jobs in the woods and for municipal services. Major is a lifelong tractor...

  • Forterra - Tractor

    Forterra - Tractor

    The Forterra range tractors are excellent in their robustness and performance. You can find three variants in the Forterra range: The basic Forterra CL is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with a power range of 96 hp to 136 hp and a 24/18 gearbox. Unlike the basic model, Forterra HSX is equipped with a more modern 30/30 gearbox with hydraulic reverser. The highest model Forterra HD offers higher power (up to 147 hp), it has a more robust body,...

  • Crystal - Tractor

    Crystal - Tractor

    The Crystal – a reliable partner for hard work. Its powerful engine will not let you down. It is easy to operate it. You will feel comfortable and will have a good view from the spacious cab.

  • Proxima - Tractor

    Proxima - Tractor

    Zetor Proxima tractors are reliable agricultural machines combining consistent horsepower from the engine and a high-quality gearbox. Therefore they achieve high performance in any situation. Their simple, robust construction makes Proxima models reliable in even the heaviest conditions. Zetor tractors are designed in such a way to ensure that a long life is assured. By combining versatility and low operating costs, the Proxima family’s models...

  • Model ZL series - Front Loader

    Model ZL series - Front Loader

    The design of the loader beam means that the ZL loader matches today’s modern tractors in a unique manner. The fact that it has the lowest knee placement on the market also means that it has superb side visibility. No tools are needed to disconnect from your ZL loader. In addition, the shaped moulds give ZL loaders excellent torsional rigidity and strength. The solid, smooth and integrated support legs further simplify connection and...