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  • Agricultural Manure Drying Machine for Cows

    Manure drying machines are utilized in agricultural settings to remove moisture from wet manure. The drying process breaks down manure, kills bacteria and creates pathogen-free bedding. The drying process also cuts down on storing and disposing of bulk manure and the costs associated with both activities. Dried Manure Solids (DMS) can be used as bedding for the dairy industry. A lactating dairy ...


  • Soil-improving by-product holds key to future

    The economic and environmental benefits of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) as a means of producing renewable energy are already well documented. But one aspect of the industry often overlooked are the opportunities to put the leftover material, produced by ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Bedding Sand

    Bedding Sand

    Mid Hants pride ourselves in providing the dairy industry with natural primary fine bedding sand for cattle bedding. Our sands are washed and graded and regularly tested to ensure you are receiving a soft, high quality, clean primary material for your cattle cubicle. Our bedding sand is available all year round, we use quarry sand and marine dredged sea sand nationwide and in a range of load ...