Space 2018 - The International Livestock Exhibition


SPACE 2018, the International livestock exhibition for all animal production. SPACE is a professional agricultural show for all livestock industry players: bovine (dairy and beef), poultry, pig, rabbits, sheep, goat and fish farmning sector. A complete offer in animal feed and nutrition, farm buildings, genetics, animal health, milking energy, livestock effluent treatment. Innov`Space brings you the latest technological innovations. A high-level quality of competitions and presentations in animal genetics. Espace for the future focus on the future issues and challenges for the livestock sector. VIP reception for international visitors and B-to-B meetings.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Sep. 11-14, 2018
Rennes Exhibition Centre - France
Rennes , France

Join the 1,450 exhibitors present at SPACE!
SPACE is the highlight international event for professionals across all area of animal production (cattle [dairy and meat], poultry, pigs, sheep, goats and rabbits). Vector of meetings and reputation for your company, it is also an ideal forum for promoting your innovations and know-how.  

SPACE is also the perfect opportunity to meet more than 110,000 professionals from 128 countries and to benefit from services especially tailored to your needs.

Business Center

Next to the Organizers Offices, in the 'Administration area'.

You will find all types of offices services (photocpy, fax, word processing, etc...) but also an accomodation reservation service and information on transport times.

Shuttle for exhibitors' packages

From 8:00 am onwards on all 4 days of SPACE, on request free shuttles will leave from the exhibitors' gates (B and H), carrying exhibitors' bulky packages to their halls or open air stands.

Rooms for meetings and lectures

For meetings with your customers or agents, or for organising receptions or lectures, SPACE can provide rooms accomodating between 30 and 400 people.

To receive your customers without being bothered, SPACE can hire you some offices of 15 sq.m (for 10 persons) or 30 sq.m. These offices are hired for periods of one hour and a half.


There is a free cloakroom available for free use by both exhibitors and visitors next to the International Club. It is open from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm.

International Club

As an EXHIBITOR, SPACE provided a special area for you, so you can maximise your export business: the INTERNATIONAL CLUB. It offers a full range of professional services, especially adapted for your international development needs:

  • Appointments with foreing delegations,
  • Advice and assistance from export partners (Adepta, Business France, Bretagne Commerce International, Entreprise Europe Network)
  • Free interpreting service with INPUZZLE

SPACE 'Planet Livestock' is globally recognized as a key event by everyone and anyone in livestock farming, due to its location at the heart of a large farming area in Europe, its professional status and its international scale.

The growing of the international exhibitors and visitorship, coming from more than 100 countries, gives SPACE a strong international reputation.

During SPACE 2017, 500 exhibitors were international coming from 41 different countries. 2/3 of exhibitors reported having an international activity of planning to develop one. This reflects SPACE's ability to attract livestock professionals from all around the world.

More than 14 000 international visitors from 128 countries attended SPACE 2017. 63% of them discovered for the first time the exhibition in 2017.

The 'Espace for the Future', with more than 23,000 visitors last year, has become an important stage in the SPACE visit. On this wholly redesigned platform with a new identity, the public are certain to find new technologies, new equipment, innovative practices or techniques noted by the Expo organisers, the Chambers of Agriculture and their partners.

This year, following on from the robotics theme highlighted in 2017, the elected representatives of the Chambers, with support from SPACE, were keen to focus on “innovation to improve working conditions”. An opportunity to draw attention to tools, organisations and expertise which improve farmers’ comfort and the appeal of jobs whatever the sector.

Innovation to reduce the workload and repetitive tasks

In cattle production with milking which represents more than 50% of the workload, in pig production with cleaning of the stalls or the vaccination of the animals, and in poultry production with bedding maintenance, weighing or cleaning during the farm health cleaning period, there are still too many tasks considered arduous and repetitive. In this context, in the last few years, the problem is increasingly taken into account by the profession and solutions are appearing to improve working conditions both of farmers and their employees.

“New generation” farms

In the “Espace for the Future', the mission entrusted by SPACE organisers to the experts from the Chambers of Agriculture with backup from different partners (GIE Elevages de Bretagne, Agretic BDI, technical institutes, etc.) is therefore to present tomorrow’s farms to visitors integrating the 3 pillars of sustainable development: economic, environmental and social. Based on beef cattle, pig and poultry farms, this year ingenious and new equipment will be proposed ('piglet lift', intelligent silo unloader, hen house cleaning robot, etc.), and also in-depth discussions involving farmers and their employees to explore ways of working better and less. By sharing expertise with innovative equipment and new practises, the “Espace for the Future” will highlight the fact that farmers carry out a highly varied, fulfilling job which requires a combination of a whole range of knowledge and skills. Generation renewal and some farmers continuing in the profession will require an improvement in working conditions (and not the acceptance of the working conditions).

A special issue of TERRA and a visitor guide
This year, the special issue of TERRA (1 September 2018) and the visitor guide will be put together jointly, featuring numerous personal accounts from farmers.

A round table at the Espace for the Future
During the unmissable round table on Wednesday morning, farmers, employers, farm staff and researchers will discuss the following subject:

“Is innovation enough to make farming attractive?'

The Espace for the Future is designed and run by the Brittany Chambers of Agriculture and SPACE, supported by:

  • GIE Elevages de Bretagne
  • IDELE – Livestock Institute
  • IFIP - French Pork and Pig Institute
  • ITAVI - Poultry Technical Institute

Every year, around 700 animals are exhibited at SPACE, selected for their high genetic value:

  • 550 cattle from 13 breeds: Prim'Holstein, Limousine, Normande, Montbéliarde, Charolaise, Salers, Jersey, Swiss Brown...
  • 170 sheep and goats from 9 breeds: Ile-de-France, Mouton Vendéen, Suffolk, Charollais, Bleu du Main, Texel...

In 2018, the Parthenais breed will be in the spotlight for the first time at SPACE. The Prim'Holstein France Challenge will be one of the highlight of 2018 edition.

Tuesday 11.09: the beef breeds show with two national competitions