SPACE 2020 - The International Exhibition for Animal Production


SPACE is a professional agricultural exhibition for all livestock industry stakeholders: bovine (dairy and beef), poultry, pig, rabbits, sheep, goat and fish farming sector. A complete offer in animal feed and nutrition, farm buildings, genetics, animal health, milking energy, livestock effluent treatment, organic production... Innov`Space rewards the latest innovations in the animal production. A high-level quality of competitions and presentations in animal genetics. Espace for the future, a unique and pioneering exhibition zone. VIP reception for international visitors and B-to-B meetings.

Event Type:
Trade Show/Exhibition
Sep. 14-17, 2021
Rennes Exhibition Centre
Rennes , France

A place for high-quality discussions and information

  • A highly varied programme with 100 conferences and symposiums
  • An exhibition where you can meet the manufacturers of the products or equipment you're looking to acquire
  • A genuine springboard for employment thanks to Apecita's job-dating sessions, which featured 39 businesses, 280 vacancies and 342 meetings in 2019
  • International B2B meetings: 300 business meetings between exhibitors and international visitors
A world-class genetics hub
  • An exhibition space dedicated to the bovine sector and genetics
  • Exhibition featuring 550 cattle including 15 different breeds and 200 sheep and goats including 12 breeds
  • 4 days of competitions and breed presentations in the ring
  • A multi-breed 'Genomic Elite' auction like no other in the world (Holstein Friesian, Normande, Montbéliarde, Jersey, French Brown, Pie Rouge, Limousine, Blonde d'Aquitaine...)
  • Excellence in health and safety: a strategic issue for farms at the forefront of the exhibition

Espace for the Future: a unique and pioneering exhibition zone

  • A space run by the Chambers of Agriculture each year, focusing on an essential theme for farmers so they can look ahead and reflect on the challengs of tomorrow
  • A space for demos and discussions with experts to find new ideas to make livestock farmers' working lives easier
  • 85% of visitors say that SPACE helps them progress professionally

The 'Espace for the Future', with more than 23,000 visitors last year, has become an important stage in the SPACE visit. On this wholly redesigned platform with a new identity, the public are certain to find new technologies, new equipment, innovative practices or techniques noted by the Expo organisers, the Chambers of Agriculture and their partners.

Act now for the climate!

At a time when world experts are calling on the agricultural sector to address this issue, SPACE and the elected representatives of the Chambers of Agriculture decided to make climate change the theme of the Espace for the Future in 2019.

Climate change, a reality!

Climate change is already perceptible and will get worse if no action is taken. One striking example is Redon, in Ille-et-Vilaine, at the crossroads of Brittany and the Pays de Loire. If we extrapolate the Météo France weather data from this municipality, the median number of days with a temperature above 25°C could increase by 25 days by 2050 and by more than 54 days by 2100. The maximum could be 85 days in 2050 and 107 days in 2100. This would impact a number of factors, including temperatures, rainfall, frost, etc. Today, the key words are therefore action and adaptation.

Climate change, an opportunity?

Farmers have already been using climate-friendly techniques and practices on their farms for many years.
This includes reducing inputs, seeking feed self-sufficiency, genetic performance, field planning, biodiversity and crop diversification, all of which constitute real economic levers for farms.  

Experts and farmers will be present at the Espace for the Future to share their experiences and the results of their latest initiatives. The engineers of the Chambers of Agriculture and their partners have selected many systems tailored to climate-friendly practices, designed to improve animal welfare and the working conditions of farmers.

• In beef production, innovative solutions will be presented in the areas of stable ventilation, spray cooling of cattle, as well as cooling mattresses and heat recovery systems.

• In pork and poultry, controlling energy and air quality systems to manage greenhouse gases will be a focus of the events.

Solutions for energy production will be featured at the Espace for the Future 2019. Today, farmers play a key role in the climate transition. Thanks to solar energy and biogas systems, they help reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Agriculture is also a source of climate solutions. Farmers can make a real difference when it comes to carbon storage, a major issue for everyone. The experimental farm of Trévarez, in the Finistère, involved in the low-carbon project, will demonstrate this process. The farm looks at a number of factors, including the age at first calving, crossbreeding, carbon storage in grasslands and hedges, etc.

Today, agroforestry also has an important place in a virtuous circle: hedge wood is a source of carbon sequestration through photosynthesis, and will be used as fuel or building materials.

SPACE has been hosting conferences on aquaculture for several years. On the strength of this initial success, the Expo now plans to be a key event for French and international businesses in this fast-growing sector, which attracts an increasing number of visitors (9% of international visitors in 2018). 

With this in mind, SPACE 2019 boasts several new features

The objective is to enable exhibitors and visitors interested in this theme to meet and exchange ideas. Many exhibitors have fish and shrimp farming solutions but don’t promote them at SPACE because our Expo is primarily geared toward livestock. In order to make this initiative a success, we plan to target our communication efforts to French and foreign businesses involved in fish farming who are not yet familiar with the Expo.

A special aquaculture catalogue

One of the strengths of SPACE is that it brings together exhibitors working in a wide variety of animal production sectors. These companies are increasingly developing specific solutions for aquaculture, in areas such as nutrition, genetics and equipment. Exhibitors that offer fish farming solutions will be invited to notify us in order to be included in a special catalogue.
This way, visitors interested in fish farming can readily find their stands. A survey carried out last year showed that over one hundred French and foreign exhibitors are likely to be interested in aquaculture.

Download the aquaculture guide listing the SPACE 2019 exhibiting companies of the sector

Two half-day conferences on the theme of aquaculture

Two conferences will be held on Tuesday 10 September to present the latest aquaculture trends and products.

    • The first half-day is organised in partnership with, publishers of the magazines Aquafeed and Hatcheryfeed. This presentation in English will discuss developments in feed used in fish farming. It is intended for international and French visitors interested in exporting.

    • The second conference will be held in French and will address topics related to fish farm management, genetics and the quality of farmed fish.

Aquaculture tours

Western France is home to a wide variety of fish farms, as well as many companies offering solutions for aquaculture. Likewise, there are quite a few businesses specialising in fish and shellfish processing. We are arranging a number of tours focusing on aquaculture.

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