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  • Cold Weather Maintenance

    Cold Weather Maintenance

    Brrrrr! It’s cold out there! In severely cold weather, it is important to remember that your equipment maintenance regime should be even more vigilant. Some special attention is needed for machines that are actually used during these cold months. Your lawn mower, brush cutter, and wood chipper will likely be fine sitting in the shed all winter, but machines such as snow blowers will ...


  • Landscaping machines: market recovery in 2018

    Landscaping machines: market recovery in 2018

    At the end of the year, sales of machines and equipment for gardening and landscaping showed an overall increase of 3.2%. The Comagarden/Morgan data relating to the main product types confirm the growth of battery-powered machines and equipment.The ...

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  • Pneumatic Pruner

    Pneumatic Pruner

    LASER is an extremely quick and powerful pneumatic chain pruner. It does not emit noise, vibrations or discharge gas. It is characterized by a magnesium alloy body, an ergonomic hand grip and a hand protection with a chain brake. The chain is automatically lubricated by a pump. This chainsaw can cut branches with a diameter up to 20 cm and is fitted with a 8”, a 10” or a ...