Christmas Tree Growing

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Effects of biowaste compost on vegetative growth, Yield and fruit quality of james grieve apples

    In Lower Austria 69 agricultural composting plants are in operation in addition to municipal and commercial composting plants. The agricultural composting plants process separately collected organic household waste as contractual partners for the neighbouring municipalities. The compost produced is used to a large extent on the agricultural fields of the plants` owners. In order to improve the ...


  • History and distribution of nuts

    History and distribution of nuts

    The violent growth of the family Juglandaceae dates back to the Palaeogene period. This fact shows the greatness and uncommonness of this plant. On the territory of Southwest France archaeologists have found petrified shells of nuts that were ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Home & Office Product

    Home & Office Product

    This pyramid is an example of a proper Home & Office Lune product. This design is both suitable for your home as your work interior. A stylish design object which is also suitable during the holidays to replace your traditional christmas tree.