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  • Energy from Eucalyptus: A task for Lindner’s Urraco 75 - Case Study

    Udo Siebert, sales and service partner of Lindner Recyclingtech in Brazil, knows no better machine than Lindner’s all-rounder Urraco 75 to shred eucalyptus bark, which pulp and paper mills as well as wood panel producers in Brazil use to generate RDF to supply their own energy. A market with great potential.


Equipment & Solutions

  • Rotor Debarker

    Rotor Debarker

    The Hombak rotor debarker can be used in any situation where reliably and cleanly debarked logs are needed. A narrow design keeps the logs parallel to one another in the machine. The modular assembly provides utmost flexibility for a log infeed that meets customers` needs.