Forest Management

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Artificial Tree

    Artificial Tree

    Beijing Palm International Group Ltd. has over 20 years of experience and are now a professional artificial plant supplier in the artificial trees and planting industry. We provide high quality products, and flexibility to customize artificial tree solutions to customers all at an affordable price. We are able to find the perfect artificial tree solutions according to

  • Biomass Cooking Fuel - Case Study

    The two case studies below demonstrate the production of cooking charcoal using Pyrocal CCT in two very different economic and country settings. Carbon Roots International The mission of Carbon ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Counter Flow Chip Screens

    Counter Flow Chip Screens

    BM&M’s Counter-flow Chip Screen is the solution for many forest product sector application problems.  In 1980 BM&M took its standard Chip Screen model and added an elbow and a counter-flow screen element deck below the machine. This increased the screen area of the machine and gave BM&M the ability to customize how the screen is configured.


Upcoming Events

  • PEFC Forest Certification Week 2019

    PEFC Forest Certification Week 2019

    PEFC Forest Certification Week is the one time in the year when the entire family meets to discuss the key issues and opportunities facing our organization.

PEFC Forest Certification Week 2019

Nov. 10rd - 14th | Würzburg