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  • Argentina Imports and Exports List

    Argentina Imports and Exports List

    Argentina's main exports are corn, wheat, soybeans, grains, beef and mutton, seafood, wine, dairy products, automobile, aircraft, mineral resources are oil, natural gas, coal, iron, silver, uranium, lead, tin, gypsum, sulfur and so on. Proven reserves: oil 28.800 million barrels, 763.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas, 600 million tons of coal, 300 million tons of iron, and 2 tons of ...


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  • Plant Canopy Imager

    Plant Canopy Imager

    The NEW Plant Canopy Imager CI-110 captures wide-angle canopy images while estimating Leaf Area Index (LAI) and measuring Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) levels. Images live-update on the built-in capacitive monitor, providing instant data for verification and analysis with integrated software in the field under any daylight conditions. User-selected zenith and azimuthal divisions allow ...


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  • PEFC Forest Certification Week 2019

    PEFC Forest Certification Week 2019

    PEFC Forest Certification Week is the one time in the year when the entire family meets to discuss the key issues and opportunities facing our organization.

PEFC Forest Certification Week 2019

Nov. 10rd - 14th | Würzburg