Forestry operations

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  • Indonesian Fires Bring More Haze to Southeast Asia

    The governor of Indonesia’s Riau province issued a state of emergency last week as thick haze blanketed large areas of the region, closing down schools and airports. According to local officials, more than 22,000 people


  • PINEYE┬« Emulsion, a new adjuvant for aerial spraying

    With the development of applied science, agricultural sprayers have become a key equipment in crop production.How to choose a suitable sprayer is a topical issue for growers. It is, in fact, the first step to improve the usage rate of pesticides and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Trailing Bedding Plows

    Trailing Bedding Plows

    Designed for lowland operations where a large mound is required to raise the planting site above wet season inundation. These trailing plows are fitted with either flotation tires, or full width rollers to carry the plow and are connected to the drawbar of a tractor or dozer. Horsepower requirements depend largely on spee d and depth of cut, as well as soil type. Ideally, bedding plows operate ...