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  • Guest Post: Using Plant Science Tools to Monitor and Restore a Native Hawaiian Forest

    Native Forest Restoration and Monitoring Project Report #4 November 3rd, 2016 by Mihaela Ryer and Michael Ryer October is known as Ikua in the Hawaiian calendar. It`s the month when, according to the Hawaiian folklore, dark storms arise, sea roars, thunder roars, birds roar. We haven’t heard any roaring birds, but certainly had our share of dark storms, thunder and roaring seas. October ...

  • Can Latin America do palm oil right?

    As western hemisphere oil palm plantations boom, environmentalists eye ways to avoid repeating the devastation in Southeast Asia.What do soap, Ben & Jerry’s and Kit Kat bars have in common? ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Drop Spray System

    Drop Spray System

    At Micron we are involved in the research, development and supply of agricultural and horticultural spraying technologies that offer both economic and environmental benefits to growers. The patented `DropSpray` system has just been acquired by Micron having been initially developed by Benest Technologies.