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  • Biomass harvesting: how forest thinning can help prevent wildfires

    Every year, wildfires plague the nation. Once there’s an ignition source, dry foliage in country areas can quickly go up in flames, spreading through woodlands or grasslands quickly. While some wildfires can be small, others can be devastating and blaze through thousands of acres. While there’s no way to predict where wildfires may start, there are ways to minimize the damage of ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Tree Cutter

    Tree Cutter

    Hummern is a hydraulically powered cutting and gripping tool suitable for all types of excavators. A flexible and robust device for forest clearing, thinning and clearance in ditches and alongside roads. Hummern has got a wide cutting opening of approx. 300 mm and a grip opening of 650 mm. Weight 560 kg. This tree cutter  is easily installed on the excavator’s ...