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  • Low Bed Semi Trailer

    Low Bed Semi Trailer

    Flatbed Semi-Trailer has a bottom plate (cargo platform) and can also be widely used to transport ordinary goods. The flat type bearing surface is large and the strength is high, but the frame has a high center of gravity and high requirements on the road. Low bed truck trailer is a good solution to this. The concave b


  • Third Valta for forestry use to Gunde Svan

    Sweden’s most successful cross-country skier, four-time Olympic champion, and seven-time world champion Gunde Svan and his son Ferry visited today on Wednesday 16th November the Valtra tractor factory in Suolahti to look at the production of ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Forest Trencher

    Forest Trencher

    Excellent product to attach on all range forestry used agricultural tractors. Because of ingeniously developed designed, we could compensate trenchers relatively light weight instead of powerful hydraulic motors. That way as trenchers kick point is used tractors weight and in result MFR1200 can get up to 6500 kg pressure on the ground.