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  • Valtra and Kesla are a perfect combination for forestry work

    Valtra and Kesla are an ideal pairing for forest tasks. Customers have used Valtra-Kesla combinations for years, of course, but now the two companies are also teaming up in product development and the sales network. For example, in Finland and some other markets Valtra and Kesla products can be purchased from the same dealer. The Unlimited Studio at the Valtra factory in Suolahti has also ...


  • RainWise Names New Director of Global Sales

    RainWise is pleased to present our new Director of Global Sales, Alex Birdsall. Alex has over 6 years of global technology business development experience with strong client relationships in many industries, including meteorology, agriculture, ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Skidder


    Skidder AMKODOR 2243 is designed for tree skidding and also for indirect work at the cutting area: loading point preparation, whip stacking, decking.