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  • Learn to Diagnose Problems in Your Trees, Including New Beech Disease

    A mystery illness is hitting northeast Ohio’s American beech trees.Called beech leaf disease, it’s causing striped and curled leaves, weak buds, and sometimes the death of saplings.It seems to be spreading fast, too.“And we really don’t know what’s causing it,” said Kathy Smith, forestry program


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  • Mobile Double Slabber

    Mobile Double Slabber

    The BLOSSOM Mobile Double Slabber is designed for the economical conversion of softwood and hardwood logs in a woodland environment. In standard form the machine will process small diameter roundwood into square cants and also `edge` the slabs. When fitted with an optional side fence, it will also convert the above materials into finish-sawn boards. The BLOSSOM Mobile Double Slabber is supplied ...