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  • Learn to Diagnose Problems in Your Trees, Including New Beech Disease

    A mystery illness is hitting northeast Ohio’s American beech trees.Called beech leaf disease, it’s causing striped and curled leaves, weak buds, and sometimes the death of saplings.It seems to be spreading fast, too.“And we really don’t know what’s causing it,” said Kathy Smith, forestry program


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  • Premium Mulch

    Premium Mulch

    We measure our mulch using a certified yard bucket. 27.0 cubic foot = 1 yard, our bucket is 27.9 cubic foot YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR FROM US Triple ground hardwood – $28.00 yard Premium aged bark – $36.00 yard Premium black dyed – $33.00 yard We can deliver Within 5 miles of our store and there is a 4 yard minimum for delivery.