Lumber Handling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Pulp & paper case study - British Columbia Sawmill

    Smart Elbow® Excels for Pulp & Paper There were several reasons that a British Columbia, Canada, sawmill chose the Smart Elbow for installation in a new pneumatic conveying system. Due to the potentially abrasive nature of wood chips and dust when conveyed pneumatically, plant engineering designed the new system to perform without necessitating the repair and replacement chores

  • Lumber company expedites shipping procedures

    Pukall Lumber Company, located in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin, is a family-owned and operated wood products manufacturer. The business is two-pronged; the sawmill was founded in 1937 and later a retail ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Extra-Tall High Tunnels - 20`W

    Extra-Tall High Tunnels - 20`W

    Series 500 Extra-Tall High Tunnels offer superior ventilation and maximum usable growing space due to their increased sidewall height. Start growing earlier and grow late into the fall with a Series 500 Tall High Tunnel! Experience larger, healthier yields due to the maximum usable space!