Lumber Handling

Equipment & Solutions

  • Two-Zone Continuous Progressive Kilns
    Showcase Product

    Two-Zone Continuous Progressive Kilns

    By Heinola Sawmill Machinery Inc

    Two-zone continuous progressive kiln is best suited for large-scale production. Best results are achieved when drying one dimension and tree species continually to the same end moisture content. Loading and unloading ...

  • Telescopic Boom Lift
    Showcase Product

    Telescopic Boom Lift

    By Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC (WWR)

    JLG 400S (4WD) Telescopic Boom Lift - powered by a Ford engine with dual fuel option of gas or propane. 40` platform height with 34`7` horizontal reach. Platform basket is 96` x 36` wide swivel basket with 1,000 lb. ...

  • Log Transfer
    Showcase Product

    Log Transfer

    By Carbotech International

    Carbotech International is a known leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of lumber handling equipment for material in all sizes and quantities. Because transfers are essential to any processing plant, we ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Jackson Lumber Harvester Company, Inc.

    Jackson Lumber Harvester Company, Inc.

    Jackson Lumber Harvester Company, Inc. was founded by inventor Clinton D. Jackson, creator of the Jackson Lumber Harvester, known as the `world`s ...

  • As Fors MW

    As Fors MW

    AS FORS MW is the parent company in the group, with head offices in Saue, Estonia since 1992. The site in Estonia has a full scale production ...

  • Simply Computing International, Inc.

    Simply Computing International, Inc.

    Simply Computing International has been providing technology solutions to the lumber industry since 1989. Our products were developed in partnership ...

  • Metriguard Technologies

    Metriguard Technologies

    Metriguard is the world leader in high speed production line evaluation of lumber (MSR) and veneer grading for structural uses. We manufacture, sell ...