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    By Brunette Machinery Company

    It features a rugged, simple design that efficiently separates valuable wood fibre from dirt and rock as it debarks. Identical modular construction minimizes the need for large spare parts inventory and robust design ...

  • Pine Logs
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    Pine Logs

    By Marybesonwoodpellet

    Type: Pine Shape: Round Grade: 1, 2, 3 // A, B, C Length (cm): custom sizes available Diameter (m): from 2.5 cm to 25+ cm Place of Origin: Ukraine Brand Name: Yellow Pine SPP. Pinus Elliottii (Slash Pine) & Pinus ...

  • Pulpwood Grapples
    Showcase Product

    Pulpwood Grapples

    By Rotobec Inc.

    Pulpwood grapples are designed for handling short wood in piles at the road side or mill yard. Synchronized jaws and specially designed jaw curvature allows for excellent control over the load. For partial loads a ...

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  • Farmikko Oy

    Farmikko Oy

    Farmikko Oy is founded 2007. It is a metal industry, operating in Kuopio. First introduction in 2007 at Maatalousmessut in Kuopio with Mikko ...

  • Mack Manufacturing Inc.

    Mack Manufacturing Inc.

    It has been the policy of Mack Manufacturing to design and build the highest quality and the highest performance crane or derrick mounted grabs and ...

  • Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc.

    Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc.

    Hatton-Brown has been the influential leader in forest-based publishing for more than 60 years. Today, its publications set the editorial standard ...

  • TimberPro Inc

    TimberPro Inc

    An outsider can look at a company like Timbco and assume that its founder woke up one day with a good idea for a new machine, started building it, ...

  • A-1 Small Engines

    A-1 Small Engines

    Since 1985, A-1 Small Engines has served the Cantonment Florida community with its power equipment needs. We're proud to be an authorized dealer for ...