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  • Our Spacer: a versatile solution for hydroponic crops

    Our Spacer: a versatile solution for hydroponic crops

    In vegetable crops in particular, there are a number of tried and tested advantages to using our Spacers in hydroponic farming. They include providing a means of lifting the substrate away from the drainage stream whilst providing excellent aeration and avoiding a build-up of humidity below the substrate. These advantages have led to Spacers also being used with other applications and in other ...


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  • Earth Augers

    Earth Augers

    The Blue Bird earth augers are designed for the preparation of grounds used for piling, reforestation, planting of fruit trees in the hills or in the mountains even on steep slopes. They are essential in farms and forestry, nurseries and on construction sites. Manufactured using high quality materials, the individual earth augers of the NEA rangecon be equipped with a wide variety of engines: : ...