Root Grapples

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  • AnBo Grapple Assists With Forest Conservation

    Grappling with Inefficient Fire Prevention and Forest Management Practices The hydraulic grapple rake, a versatile new loader/tractor/skid steer attachment is speeding forest management tasks with a unique combination of strength, control, and flexibility.From logging and national park conservation to fire prevention, property and habitat protection, too many forest management tasks a

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  • Root Grapple

    Root Grapple

    Constructed of ½” plate steel with two 1 ½” solid shafts running through the bottom. ½” Gussets welded in for extra strength. Heavy duty grapples made from ½” plate steel. Two 2”x 8” hydraulic cylinders. Reinforced heavy duty universal mounting brackets; gusseted top and bottom for extra strength. Includes flat faced couplers and ...