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  • Grand Naine Banana Saplings Through Tissue Culture
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    Grand Naine Banana Saplings Through Tissue Culture

    By Genewin Biotech

    sss GRAND NAINE common name used for Musa accuminata. It is the widely cultivated Cavendish variety for the high yielding property. It grows to a height of 6 feet and planted with the intermediate distance 6 x 6 ft. ...

  • MOMAX3SAP™ Moringa Plants Saplings
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    MOMAX3SAP™ Moringa Plants Saplings

    By Advanced Biofuel Center

    Advanced Biofuel Center has developed MOMAX3SAP™ the Process of cloning and maintaining an Elite sapling. It has been created from over a decade of research in horticulture and agriculture withthe best characteristics ...

  • Heavy Duty Extractor
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    Heavy Duty Extractor

    By Shaver Manufacturing Company

    The heavy-duty Extractor will be one of the most popular tools on your farm. With durability you only find in American-made products, the Extractor will pay for itself before you know it!