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  • Case study - Factory Rainscreen Façade

    Case study - Factory Rainscreen Façade

    Dortmund System kWp: 45 Area: 6,000 sq. m Inverter: Fronius Modules Used: PS-A-87A A rain screen cladding system for a factory façade on an existing steel and timber frame building utilising a SIKA bonded rain screen system. The installation improved the thermal insulation of the factory whilst making an attractive and overt statement about the factory owner`s green credential

  • What is the best portable sawmill for the money?

    Hud-Son Forest Equipment Freedom Line portable sawmill’s are the best sawmill for the money. These Hud-Son Forest Equipment band mills include the Hunter and Sawyer mills. The Hunter and Sawyer ...


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  • Forwarding Trailers

    Forwarding Trailers

    The Pfanzelt S-line forwarding trailers are especially designed for use by private forest owners and semi-professional contractors. The reliability of the technology has the same priority as for professional. However, the job description is different. The S-line forwarding trailers are set apart by their compact dimensions, which in combination with a smaller tractor, enable high manoeuvrability, ...