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Tree Seed equipment for Forestry

  • Dripper Extension Kits

    The SOL-C12 & SOL-C24 come complete with 15m of tube and 12 of each drippers, stakes & t-pieces. There is a 12 dripper extension kit available that extends the C24 to a 24 dripper system with 30m of tube.  Please note that adding more than 12 drippers to the C12 reduces the amount of water supplied to each dripper. The SOL-C120 kit ...

    By Irrigatia Limited based in North Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Jatropha Seeds For Biodiesel

    Jatropha seeds are thin shelled ones with back color. They have oblong shape. A Jatropha seed resembles the castor seeds. 2 to 3 large black and oily seeds in a single seed shell.

    By Aumkiipure based in Munich, GERMANY.

  • Aggelis - Model 1 - Olive Rake Harvester

    AGGELIS 1 is our first olive rake harvester that has been prevailing on the market for 30 years. It is the first alternating motion harvester, patented since 1973, first with an air motor, then an oil one and finally an electric motor. It has been a revolutionary device in the olive harvesting domain, introducing for the first time the pulse ...

    By Aggelis based in Aspropyrgos, GREECE.

  • Model RP-20M - 2-Row Assisted Feed Planter

    The Assisted Feed Planter allows a rider to assure that plots are planted with no skips or doubles.  It uses a carousel to deliver the seed pieces to the seed chute.  The mechanism, similar to the well-known but obsolete 'Iron Age' planter used extensively across the United States, has been designed to ease maintenance.  The planter ...

    By AFIVEPLUS, Inc. / US Small Farm Equipment Co. based in Torrington, WYOMING (USA). from Potato Planters Product line

  • Bobcat - Land Plane Landscape Rake

    The DIRT WORKS Multi-Directional Land Plane will save you endless hours of back-breaking hand raking. It is an excellent addition to your skid steer attachment options and is an economical alternative to other land plane attachments available on the market. Our expanded metal grate bucket has 21 bolt-on hardened chisel spike teeth to grade and ...

    By Quality Welding Service, Inc. based in Suamico, WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Ormin - Model K Plus - Potassum Humate Powder

    Our products can be used in agricultural products, garden plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, seeds and grains, as well as application from foliar and soil. %100 Water Soluable.

    By Organiksa SA based in Bakırköy, TURKEY.

  • Black Diamond - Alga Sea Weed Extract Liquid

    Our products can be used in agricultural products, garden plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, seeds and grains, as well as application from foliar and soil. Black Diamond Alga Sea Weed Extract is a liquid extract of marine algae (Ascophyllum nodosum) enriched with inorganic plant nutrients. The seaweed extract includes amino acids, ...

    By Organiksa SA based in Bakırköy, TURKEY.

  • Magic Leon - Granular Leonardite With Combi Micro Element

    Our products can be used in agricultural products, garden plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, seeds and grains, as well as application from foliar and soil. Magic Leon is a Organic proprietary fertilizer specially formulated for use on most crops. Through our patented (turan) fusion technology process, organic matter, humic and fulvic acid, ...

    By Organiksa SA based in Bakırköy, TURKEY.

  • Biodyne - Model SG Elements Balance+ - Micronutrients Product

    Give your crop the micronutrients and capabilities needed to maximize crop production with SG Elements Balance+ micronutrient mix. Balance+ is designed to deliver a proper ratio of micronutrients for crops that are under high energy and production demand and at the same time reduce the yield harming effects of stressful conditions. Balance+ ...

    By Biodyne-USA, LLC. based in Fort Wayne, INDIANA (USA). from Farm 365 Products Product line

  • Land Pride - Model 3P606NT - No-Till Compact Drills

    The Land Pride 3P606NT 6' 3-Point No-Till allows you to get close to field edges. With our proven ground drive, no remote hydraulics are needed. This rugged drill is ideal for limited space situations and maneuvering among trees and other obstacles. The 3P606NT comes standard with a fluted seed box. A native grass box can be added for seeding ...

    By Land Pride - Great Plains Manufacturing based in Salina, KANSAS (USA). from Compact Drills Product line

  • Windflower Seed Mixes

    Tree of Life Nursery is proud to present our selection of nine specific seed mixes for use in California gardens.  The seeds and the blends and of the highest quality anywhere, thanks to our exclusive agreement with S&S Seeds. There are no exotic (non-native) species, no cheap fillers, and no so-called 'wildflowers' (in other inferior mixes these ...

    By Tree of Life Nursery based in San Juan Capistrano, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Almond Trees

    Almond trees are well-suited for most home growers because of their small, compact nature. The almond tree is a relative of the peach tree and the edible almond seed even develops inside a peach-like fruit or “hull” that is discarded after harvest. The fragrant blossoms of the almond tree are highly attractive to bees and other insects ...

    By Stark Bro`s Nurseries & Orchards Co. based in Louisiana, MISSOURI (USA). from Nut Trees Product line

  • Kimseed - Linkage Tree Planter/Seeder

    The Kimseed Linkage Tree Planter/Seeder is ideal for a range of plants from bare rooted seedlings to large pots. The planter is designed for 3PL, Cat I or II, with a seedling carrying capacity of up to 500 seedlings. The soil opener is adjustable for pot sizes from 40mm to 150 mm diameters and performs well in heavy soil types.

    By Kimseed Australia Pty Ltd based in Wangara, AUSTRALIA. from Seed Planting Equipment Product line

  • Herbal Extraction Plant / Solvent Extraction Plant

    We are engaged in manufacturer of Herbal Extraction Plant, Solvent Extraction Plant, Oleoresin plant, Natural Dye Plant for various applications. Our advanced technology plant mainly designed for various Herbal Extracts from parts of plant or tree such as leaves, flowers, seeds, barks, roots and shrubs. Our process line and technology designed by ...

    By Best Engineering Technologies based in Hyderabad, INDIA. from Herbal Plant Product line

  • Microtech Ferro - Fertilizer

    Microtech Ferro eco is indicated to alliviate the lack of iron and favor chlorophyll. Normally this happens when the pH of the soil is not what the plant needs what translates into iron absorption difficulties. Microtech Ferro ecointegrates a hydrolytic compound in its formula obtained through TrieTech© technology, specifically designed to ...

    By Biorizon Group based in El Alquián (Almería), SPAIN. from Biopotenciadores - Tecnologia Trietech Eco Product line

  • Moringa India - Model 2020 - Momax3 Moringa Perennial Seed For Plantation For Seed Oil

    Advanced Biofuel Center The ABC has revealed a proprietary variety of the Moringa oleifera plant MOMAX3 that will yield more oil at a more profitable rate.The yield from our MOMAX3 are stunning, and international investors clearly recognize the significant opportunity arising from having the first new proven crop for protein and oil Key ...

    By Advanced Biofuel Center based in Jaipur, INDIA.

  • Plant Excavator

    The plant excavator is indispensable in the nursery for pulling out, baring their roots, fruit trees, vines, roses, seed beds poplars, hornbeams, linden trees, etc.  It is completely hyfraulic and the ploughshare can be moved up to a metre out of the gauge, depending on the tractor's width.  It can be secured to the lifter of all 540 ...

    By Berto Guerrino Snc based in Saonara (PD), ITALY.

  • Godioli & Bellanti - Turn Key Plants for Extraction and Selection of Tree Seeds

    Complete custom designed turn key plants for the extraction and selection of tree seeds. Our Company was the first to innovate completely the tree seed extraction system. Originally the process was “mechanized”, in the sense that the coated seeds were left to fall from a tower at more levels; falling and refalling the scales would open ...

    By Godioli & Bellanti s.p.a. based in Città di Castello (PG), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • Eolo Hawk - Agriculture Scarecrow

    The Eolo Hawk scarecrow is designed to deter all kind of birds in farms, crop fields, cattle feed, industrial and urban buildins, port and airport facilities. Its dissuasive effect, scare away birds instantly and permanently thanks to its continued flight, with just a slight breeze.

    By Sempre Abril S.L. based in Sant Vicen? de Castellet, SPAIN.

  • Rosta - Model SKK - Seeder for Sowing Large Seeded

    The SKK seeder is used for hole sowing of large-seeded vegetable crops. The seeder admits to sow couched vegetable seeds and tree seeds (fruits). The seeder's structure makes possible to sow directly under film mulch, what is very convenient for sowing of couched water-melon seeds.

    By ROSTA Europe.ST based in Melitopol, UKRAINE. from Mechanization Equipment Product line

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